For those who do not know, the average lifespan of a vehicle on the road today has improved from 8.5 years to more than 11 years. The reason for this is that vehicles are being manufactured to last longer. In addition to that, car owners today are more aware of the ways on how to protect their vehicles, such as installing window tinting Bakersfield.

If you aren’t one of these car owners, don’t worry. We are here to help you. Here are several common ways to help protect your car from the elements.

Protecting Car Paint

Common road hazards can affect negatively the finish of your vehicle if you drive it regularly. It can also decrease the resale value. But, there are a couple of things you can do to protect the finish of your vehicle.

  • Install a Paint Protection Film

You can help avoid UV rays from damaging the finish of your car with the help of a clear layer of paint protection film.

  • Utilize a Car Cover

Installing a car cover is the next ideal thing you can do. This is particularly true if you’ll be leaving your vehicle outside for longer periods.

  • Park Your Vehicle in the Garage

You should park your car in a covered structure, such as a garage.

Protecting From Bird Droppings

Parking your car in your garage is the ideal way to protect it against bird droppings. In addition to that, you should try to avoid parking under awnings, trees, lamps, and other structures where birds are likely to land if you’ve got to park in a public place. Also, use a car cover to further protect the paint of your vehicle.

It is crucial to get rid of the bird droppings as soon as you can if you do get one on your vehicle. The reason for this is that they’re extremely acidic. You can just wash the droppings off if it is still new. Keep in mind that you have to utilize soft microfiber towel and quality car wash soap.

Protecting From Tree Sap

The ideal way to protect the paint of your vehicle from tree sap is to not park under trees. This is particularly true for trees that create a lot of sap. This includes birch trees, elm trees, and maple trees.

But, you can use a car cover if you really have to park under a tree. In addition to that, you have to immediately get rid of the tree sap if it falls in your car.

Protecting From Rock Chips

Aside from affecting the environment, the scraps, garbage, and rocks on the road can also affect the finish of your vehicle. Using a customized car bra is a great way to protect against rock chips. In addition to that, it helps to keep additional distance between you and other vehicles to prevent road debris created by their tires.

It is an excellent move to avoid rocky and dusty roads. Installing a paint protection film is another excellent way to protect the paint of your vehicle from rock chips.